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Artist: HIM

Genre: \m/(◕‿◕✿)\m/

Anonymous said: type in tears on tape and press enter. it's just the album art though, LAME.


i see now


to enter to HIM’s website you’re supposed to write somethign down

and i just give up


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okay this is dumb and im only using it for information purposes

but how the frick do you enter to the website

my favorite HIM song is that song that talks about love and death and sad stuff

Um, I just found these, and I don’t really know what to say.

rendezvous-with-anus said: i did, and i won't go over there again. ever.

unless you want to find posts to make fun of to submit  here then by all means go head. XD


uhm… these are supposed to be Ville and Bam, but… not really. 

(dA is a weird place, i tell ya)

if you think dA is bad try ValoDaily on LJ and you’ll really start to question the sanity of others.

rendezvous-with-anus said: omfg i went through all of your pages and if this blog isn't the best thing on the face of the earth like ever, i don't know what is. please never stop being awesome thank you

I don’t think it is in our genes to stop being awesome. ;D

thank you!

buriedalivebyl0ve said: Oh my god, you are awesome guys! Your blog is sososososo great! You made my day! I'm laughing my fucking ass off!!! xoxo

thanks! :D

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